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What do you want in your car?

Posted in Car Tech, Cars by davidallen | July 17th, 2007 | 2 Responses |

Well according to a survey done by Gartner Inc, there is a list of gadgets or features that people would like to see in their cars. The list does not really have any surprises in it, so there are no really outrageous wants, like beer on tap, or a microwave oven built into the dashboard for those snacks on the move.

1. Embedded, hands-free phone system – some cars have these, they are ok, but it means having another cell phone to take around with you.

sat nav

2. Way to plug a cell phone into a car’s audio system – now this one is a bit more realistic, and would be very useful is the audio system actually had a docking station, rather than having to use wires and phone holders.

3. Emergency call function – great idea for lone drivers, but would need to be more than just a button to push to prevent accidents.

4. Theft recovery – same as above, some car have them already.

5. Digital satellite radio – some like Sirius is good.


6. Satellite navigation with wireless map updates – this is a must, as the road networks are changing all the time.

7. Radar-controlled cruise control – this would be ok, provided the system works fine, it is no excuse to blame the radar if you get caught speeding.

8. CD player that can play MP3 discs – ok if you love music.

9. Lane departure warning system – essential now days, it is all too easy to make this mistake; many accidents are caused by a simple error.

10. Way to plug portable music player into audio system – ok if the system has a docking station, otherwise there are wires and equipment loose inside the car.

These are course what people desire, most are available in today’s cars, but not everyone needs or wants them, my car has a built in sat nav, and I have never used it. It is down to the individual.

Source [LA Times]

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2 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    So many gadgets that people want in possession in their vehicle.. unless you have use of these items or really need them, I wouldn’t buy them. Navigation system.. unless you travel.. ALOT.. or it just comes stock in a vehicle, I wouldn’t get it.. although it saves trees on paper maps. Almost every new car should have a in place CD/MP3 deck by now or you would think. Like you said, it’s down to the individual.

  2. Mihdi says:

    Some of the gadgets that are added these days are just flair. When I see them I tend to think of the cost of maintenance than anything else. Last years mercedes all had on board monitors that assisted you with reversing your vehicle. A nice feature I guess or someone could just learn how to drive. All I could see was the cost of getting it fixed when it broke. I’m more a bare bones kinda guy I guess.