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How to Let Your Car Choose You.

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Car Choice
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It’s no secret that car manufacturers are always trying to get us to buy their products. They offer us incentives, rebates and love to shower us with statistics on fuel economy, performance and safety. Media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are used to silently inform us of new product revelations that have come out of their R&D departments in the hopes that we will be enticed to enter their showrooms. However as consumers I sometimes wonder if automakers are truly hitting the nail on the head when it comes to marketing. Most of us out there are brand loyal in one way or another. Some of us like Ford’s, others Honda’s or Audi’s. I’m more curious though as to the factors that influenced your purchasing decision and why, at the end of the day, you bought what you bought.

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For most of us the two main factors in buying a car are price and reliability. Hell, if it wasn’t we’d all be driving around in Porsche’s, Mercedes or some other kind of European built machines. Sometimes purchasing the car you need as opposed to the car you want can also be more difficult then you anticipated, especially if you’re an enthusiast. So, the real question is; how do you decide? I know we’d like to say that what we drive doesn’t matter, but we all know that’s BS. I mean when you think about it, why wouldn’t we want to drive nice automobiles. They make us feel good, look good and can totally pull you out of a bad mood if you own the right one.

I used to be a brand snob, but over time that’s changed. You see I’ve been fortunate enough to experience offerings from just about every manufacturer. What that’s taught me is that each automaker has their own unique pro’s and con’s that only you as the customer can source out. First you need to define your price range. Second source the options that you want in your vehicle and third combine that with some research and a test drive appointment, and Presto! It really is that simple. Don’t worry so much about who makes the car, but instead concentrate on what a car does for you on every level. Once you do that I have a feeling that the car you purchase will actually choose you and not the other way around.

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One Response

  1. J D Stadler says:

    In the case of my husband, he chose the MS3 because, well, the Camaro wasn’t in his price range. I don’t know why he didn’t even want to look at anything else, test it, etc but he was certain that’s what he wanted. Thus far, he’s thrilled.

    As for me, I have the dubious honor of trying to find something that’s not lame, is fun to drive, is around $25k or less, AND could fit an infant seat while still allowing a front passenger to sit comfortably. Do you know how hard that is? Much harder than you’d think. Unfortunately, my beloved Mazda3 is too small in the backseat so that’s out. I’m down to a GTI (with worries about reliability), a Mazda6 (probably used because I’d want the V6 and that’s over $30k new), a Civic Si sedan (which I can’t even look at until summer when they come out), or an Elantra (good on gas and size, good reviews but unless they come out with that R-spec Kurt keeps begging for, not exactly fun to drive).

    As you said, it’s been MUCH more difficult than I anticipated.