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What Are The Fastest Roads In America?

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Image: Clarita Natoli

The 55 mile per hour speed limit is long buried in our past, alongside other great ideas like prohibition and the metric system. Today’s drivers can legally motor along at speeds ranging from 65 to 80 miles per hour, but sadly Montana has done away with “reasonable and prudent, “ since that was far too open to interpretation. Still, a posted speed limit of 70 miles per hour generally means you can get away with nearly 80 in most locations, but don’t blame us when you get written for 76 in a 70.

You may be interested to know that at least one traffic data firm, INRIX, uses GPS information to calculate the average speed of drivers on public highways. The good news is that the average speeder on America’s fastest roads has cut their speed from 85 mph in 2010 to 81 mph in 2011. The bad news is that the reduction is a direct result of rising gasoline prices and increasing unemployment.

If you’re going to speed, the five roads below are probably the best ones in the country to speed on. At the very least, you’ll blend in more with traffic, reducing the likelihood of getting popped for a few miles per hour over the limit.

5. Arizona State Route 77, between Tucson and AZ 76

Length of corridor: 4.8 miles
Average speed of fastest 5%: 81 mph
Fastest speed clocked by INRIX: 81 mph

4. Michigan MI-5, between I-275 and Telegraph Road

Length of corridor: 4.9 miles
Average speed of fastest 5%: 81 mph
Fastest speed clocked by INRIX: 83 mph

3. Californis State Hwy 73, between Moulton Pkwy. and Bear St.

Length of corridor: 14.8 miles
Average speed of fastest 5%: 81 mph
Fastest speed clocked by INRIX: 85 mph

2. Oklahoma State Hwy 33, just northwest of Oklahoma City

Length of corridor: 24 miles
Average speed of fastest 5%: 83 mph
Fastest speed clocked by INRIX: 87 mph

1. Arizona State Route 79, between Saguaro National Park and Phoenix

Length of corridor: 17.6 miles
Average speed of fastest 5%: 88 mph
Fastest speed clocked by INRIX: 94 mph

Source: Kicking Tires

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4 Responses

  1. Set says:

    How in the hell did I5 between Sacramento and Bakersfield not get in there? Even the cops go 90 down that stretch of road. Someone has some wonky data if that highway didn’t get up there.

  2. PFULMTL says:

    Sweet, I’ve driven on the Arizona ones. I’ve done 95-100MPH on them and surprisingly, someone was going faster than me!

  3. From what I’ve observed personally; the fastest roads (non-freeway) are around industrial type areas in the suburbs where there are A LOT of corporate offices and buildings; these are areas that people commute to for work. I see people going 70 mph plus and this on inside streets where the speed limit is 50mph in cities like Irvine and Lake Forest in CA. People drive like this because they don’t want to be late for work and get fired (bad economy).

  4. Bryant says:

    Man how did the New York turnpike not make it. I went to Niagara Falls and was doing 85 and was being passed by many people.