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Westside Auto Group Kizashi Soleil To Debut Outside SEMA

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There’s really only one firm that can work the two-tone paint scheme and gaping front intake and that would be the company that pioneered it, Bugatti. Much the same can also be said of Subaru’s signature flat gold rims, yet both Bugatti and Subie’s trademark design cues managed to make it into Westside Auto Group’s Kizashi Soleil, and the results are predictably confusing.

The Napa Merlot/Bronzed Amber paint coupled with the gold wheels mean that from an angle in the right light, it almost looks like it wants to be the tricked out tC your pizza boy drives, which is never a win as far as we’re concerned. Perhaps as a subtle internal acknowledgment of this fact, the Westside Auto Group Kizashi Soliel will not be joining the Delta Tech Engineering Kizashi on the SEMA floor, but rather will have its own special spot in the show car area adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Source: Suzuki

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