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Welcome to the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany.

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V8 Hotel Germany

In this day and age luxury hotels and resorts are doing everything they possibly can to gain new clientele. They run specials and come up with every type of gimmick imaginable to get patrons to come and stay with them. Sure the big luxury chains have it easier than the smaller cheaper hotel lines, but what about the truly special boutique hotels who strive to bring their guests something completely different by incorporating a theme into their sales pitch. Car guys love to be around anything that has to do with engines, wheels and speed. It’s just the way we are, so when I spied this article on the V8 Hotel located right in Porsche’s backyard in Stuttgart, Germany, I just had to bring it to everyone’s attention.

V8 Hotel

The V8 Hotel is designed to appeal to anyone who loves the automobile as it features over 30 theme-base rooms that cover everything from motor racing to V8 memorabilia, to the classic car culture as a whole. Each room is also equipped with such standard features as satellite TV, a big comfy bed, work desks and of course, the minibar. So, if you have plans on taking a little trip over to Stuttgart, Germany and want to stay in a place that will satisfy your inner car nut, you may want to give the V8 Hotel a try.

Source: BornRich.org

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