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Welcome to Pismo Beach in the 70’s.

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Pismo Beach Off Roading

From and automotive perspective I’ve always been jealous of those who live on the West Coast. They get the great weather, endless sunshine and beaches that seem to go on forever. Here in the North East we get a paltry 5 months of good weather mixed in with the occasional rain and snow storm – it sucks. Living here also means that there are many automotive based activities that we simply don’t have the real estate for. Take the dunes at Pismo Beach for example. Even though I’ve driven past them probably half-a-dozen times, I’ve yet to experience them first hand. This is something that has always been a dream of mine. I look at videos like the one below and can’t help but think that these guys look to be having the time of their friggin’ lives. Now I know I shouldn’t bitch because I’ve had some wonderful automotive opportunities come my way, but damn… this just looks like way to much fun not to be placed high up there on my automotive bucket list.

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