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Weasels Ripped My Flesh? No, But Rabbits Ate My Wiring

Posted in Bizarre, Car Care, Car Tech, Environment, FAIL, General by Kurt Ernst | October 17th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |


If you park at Denver International Airport, specifically the Pikes Peak lot, you may want to throw a roll of chicken wire in your trunk to wrap your car after you park. Break ins aren’t a problem, but hungry rabbits are. Rabbits and mice, it seems, are attracted to the wiring used in 2002 and later vehicles. The wiring contains a soy-based ingredient that critters find delicious. If the cases reported on in the video are any indication, German cars taste better than American or Japanese cars, so consider yourself warned.

What can you do to keep your wiring safe? Not much, except to avoid parking where there are large rabbit populations. The video specifically advises against coating wiring with poison, since this is more likely to harm humans and pets that it is to kill rabbits. You could always try hot sauce, but there’s no indication that it would do anything other than add flavor. Rattlesnakes are a good rabbit deterrent (and they also work on mice), but they can be hard to deploy and recover effectively. I’m sure hauling live rattlesnakes around in your trunk is against the law in most states, too.

Source: RPM Go

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