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Ford’s Crown Victoria Put Down by 2011. We Hardly Knew Ye (Not).

Posted in auto industry, Detroit, Ford, Police by Alex Kierstein | August 31st, 2009 | 4 Responses |

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At this point, the only Crown Victorias still being made are police cars, which isn’t the most ignoble end to a line of vehicles that stretches back to the dawn of man. Remember 2001: A Space Odyssey? How the monkey throws the bone into the air? Well, you don’t see it in the movie because of a quick cut, but it lands on an early Panther-platform LTD Crown Vic. So it’s finally shuffling off this mortal coil?, you say. Yup, looks like the expiration date is sometime between now and 2011. So what’s a cop gonna do?

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There’s always the Carbon Motors E7, but who knows when that will be available. Speculation is rampant that Ford will introduce a cop version of the Taurus to completely replace the Crown Victoria, but something tells us that the traditional rear-wheel drive of the police Dodge Charger will prove to be more appealing. Will Ford lose their current near-monopoly on police vehicles with such a move? It’s not impossible, and Chrysler would probably appreciate the boost. It’ll all get very interesting when the E7 hits the market, so stay tuned!

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4 Responses

  1. FuzzyPlushroom says:

    I have my fingers crossed for a strategically-timed Zeta-platform Caprice launch.

  2. Charles Morgan says:

    ford needs to update and start selling to the public again.
    i would’nt give $5,000 for anything that ford builds for public sale right
    now, save the mustang, and i’ve been buying fords for 35yrs.
    We need a real full sized car.
    rear wheel drive.
    major power.
    with out all the extra crap.