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Watch Live Motorsport Events Online, Eliminate The Need To Steal Cable

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Yes, you can watch Nascar online

If you’re like us, you could spend hours in your favorite recliner (which probably reeks of Doritos and Blue Moon) watching every motorsport event from the Daytona 500 to the Baja 1000, but you really can’t afford to fork over a couple hundred dollars to your cable company for the Ultra Elite Premium Platinum Gold Star upgrade package. Well despair no longer, oh titan of the tubes, for we have found the solution to your problem, enter: the money-saving majesty of the world wide web.

Yep, it’s finally true, online TV is now a viable alternative to cable and satellite. The quality is there AND you can save money. In fact, you can often watch TV online for free with sites like Hulu. The best news is that even live sporting events are available for viewing on the web. That includes motorsports.

For all your beer-swilling, tire-changing, trophy wife-ogling needs, Nascar.com’s TrackPass offers free access to live streaming of all their major races, including interviews and pre/post race commentary. For Nascar’s fanboys willing to part with a few bucks, $2.50 a month will buy you an online subscription to RaceView and exclusive access to live in-car radio transmissions from all 43 drivers. For $6 a month, fans get access to Nascar’s PitCommand center, which offers real-time racing stats like timing, speed, position, etc.

For all those who prefer to swill Pinot Grigio and already have a trophy wife of their own, Formula1.com also offers extensive race-day video coverage as well as free access to all of last season’s events with their Live Timing system. Noticeably lacking the cover charge levied by Nascar, F1’s Live Timing provides real-time data directly from F1’s Technical Facility at the race track. In addition to the main timing screen that lists driver number, name, position, lap times, etc., Live Timing also grants fans access to the Weather & Speed screen (which displays ambient and track temperatures, humidity, air pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction, speed-trap data) as well as the Lap Chart Screen, which is a graphic representation of how each driver is faring over the course of the race.

Significantly less high-tech, more hands-on in terms of actual competition, the FIA World Rally Championship produces WRC TV at WRC.com, which also provides live streaming coverage of all the major rallies as well as personal driver interviews and footage from all the car-mounted action cams. Since the very nature of the competition itself prevents WRC TV from providing all the minute details its fellow racing circuits do, WRC TV provides as much accessibility as possible, offering free text-message updates on stages as well as free access to Live World Rally Radio.

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