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Watch Monster Tajima’s Record Run Up Pike’s Peak

Posted in Cool Stuff, Racing Coverage, Videos by Kurt Ernst | June 30th, 2011 | 4 Responses |

Nine minutes, fifty-one point two-seven-eight seconds. That’s the time it took Japanese driver Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima to complete his Pike’s Peak run last Sunday, besting his own record of 10:01.408 by better than ten seconds. If you were wondering what it would feel like to be strapped to the roof of his car as he ran the course, wonder no more, since GoPro has roof cam footage of the epic event.

Many consider the 2011 event to be the last “real” Pike’s Peak Hill Climb, as the road to the summit will be entirely paved by next year’s event. Is it likely that Monster Tajima’s record will fall when the course is a solid ribbon of asphalt? Probably, but I’d lay odds on Monster himself setting the fast time next year. Check out his run, in its entirety, in the video below.

Source: YouTube, via Autoblog

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4 Responses

  1. Set says:

    That’s a shame they’ll finish paving it. America’s best rally course is going away.

    • Kurt Ernst says:

      Set, Pike’s Peak is the victim of a lawsuit that will require its paving. I don’t have details, so I can’t comment, but it seems to be one more example of government keeping us safe from ourselves.

  2. crispy says:


    One week a year, the road is the country’s best rally course. The other 358 days a year (minus closures for snow), the road to the top of Pikes Peak is a public road in a national park. It’s the only road up to the summit for thousands of tourists a year, bringing in a bunch of cash for the local (and a little for the Park Service) economy. Paving it has been a project underway for over a decade; and it just makes fiscal sense to do so. It was a great benefit to us race/rally/extreme sports fans to have the dirt road double as an awesome race venue for decades, but we have to remember its always been just a public road. The revenue from hillclimb fans and participants for the week of testing and the race day just doesn’t make it worth not paving it for users the rest of the year.

    I live in the local area and am fortunate to have the mountain out my front window, and the road just a few miles away. I too will miss the dirt portions and watching those amazing vehicles storm up the mountain sideways inches from the edge (literally) – its an awesome sight. I also agree that next year it will lose much of its luster with no dirt section at all; but I also understand the inevitability of paving it. I just hope the race doesn’t go away anytime soon.

    • Kurt Ernst says:

      crispy, I lived in CO (near Boulder) for almost 10 years and somehow never managed to make it to Pike’s Peak. Definitely on my “to do” list, along with “move back to Colorado”.