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Want A Maybach Exelero? Now You Can Buy One

Posted in Collector Cars, Concept Cars, Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars, General, Lamborghini, Maybach by Kurt Ernst | May 29th, 2010 | 1 Response |
Maybach Exelero Concept

The Maybach Exelero, built for Fulda Tire in 2005.

Is your current Maybach not getting you the attention you richly deserve? Think that the uber-posh Knight XV 15 is uglier than a $5 crack whore? Have you lusted after the Maybach Exelero since it debuted in 2005? In that case, I’ve got good news and bad news.

First the good news: if you’ve got $670,000, you can get Lamborghini Geneva to build you an Exelero. Yes, I know that the original Exelero was actually built by Maybach, but don’t worry about that just yet. For nearly $700k you get the world’s most sinister coupe, powered by a supercharged V10 motor said to be good for 800 horsepower.

But wait, you say: the original Exelero used a twin turbo V12 yanked from the Maybach 57S, and it only made 700 horsepower. What gives?

Here comes the bad news, boys and girls: the Exelero that Lamborghini Geneva will build you is based on the Dodge Viper, not anything that started life as a Maybach sedan. In fact, the company has yet to release pictures of a completed car, which doesn’t bode well for either build quality or public interest. No matter how you slice it, $670,000 is an awful lot of money to pay for a re-bodied Viper, especially when you can’t see one up close and personal. On second thought, maybe that Knight XV isn’t so ugly after all.

Source: Jalopnik

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One Response

  1. david says:

    Is that really true that the Exelero has been specially built for testing the Fulda tires?