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Want A Lexus LFA? It’ll Cost You $12,400 Per Month

Posted in Lexus, Supercars by Kurt Ernst | March 23rd, 2010 | Leave a Reply |
2011 Lexus LFA

Apparently, LFA stands for 'Large F-ing Account'

Assuming you can still qualify to get in the queue for a lease, that is. You want to buy one, and not lease it? Sorry, Charlie, no can do. All 150 U.S. Lexus LFA will be delivered on a two year lease, costing $12,398 per month. At the end of the lease term, drivers will have the option of purchasing their cars, after they get nicked for excessive mileage, wear and tear and dealer processing fees, I’m sure. Oh, and you have to pay the entire amount of the lease, $297,552, when you take delivery.

No word if the twelve large per month includes scheduled maintenance. I’m sure that’s not a concern for those rich enough to part with 1/4 the price of new Corvette each month for the latest “look-at-me-I’m-filthy-stinking-rich” supercar.

Source: Straightline

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