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VW’s Diesel Polo gets 70-mpg but only in Europe

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Volkswagen Polo BlueMotionFor some there is the battle of Horsepower and Zero-to-60 times. For others it is Miles-per-Gallon and Zero emissions effect. While the VW Polo may resemble a GTI or Rabbit, when paired with the VW TDI (diesel) engine it is a true Fuel-Misers car.

A recent test drive by Popular Mechanics of a 1.4 liter turbo-charged Polo left a favorable impression for zip and sip, but as always with the smaller hatchbacks the fear of the Big Bad SUV might scare drivers away. Then again if 20,000 Smart Cars can find buyers in the U.S. there is no reason the Polo could not do the same.

The VW Polo comes in a variety of engines and door configuarations. The diesel even comes in two options: 1.4 or 1.9 liter turbo charged engines. According the VW website for the UK both Diesel engine options are rated at 70 mph on the highway, but the 1.4 liter has 114 ft lbs of torque and the 1.9 liter rates 177. VW has been making efficient diesel engines for quite some time and they have served the efficiency minded very well. For those less concerned with fuel mileage there is still the GTI and the very coveted R32 (mmmm… R32…).

There really is little need to discuss speed tests and quarter mile times with the Polo. It is not that kind of car. When you look at the VW Polo as a potentially $18,000 or $20,000 sub-compact (oops, we just call them Hatchbacks now, right? sorry) that averages 60+ mph in mixed driving and 70 mph on the highway you might have just the car some are looking for. Ofcourse that is if they bring the Polo to America. But just as Popular Science postulated… why else would they have one in Auburn Hills, Michigan testing if they were not considering a little bit of importation.

Source[Popular Science]

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