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VW taps the Who to usher the return of the Camper Bus?

Posted in Concept Cars, Design, Volkswagen by Corey | October 22nd, 2007 | 13 Responses |

VW Camper Bus

It has been reported out of the UK that after years of concepts and toying with the notion VW may finally be ready to put out an affordable and modernized version of the VW Camper. Following a 60 year anniversary celebration in Hanover, Germany where the Who performed before 40,000 fans VW officials contacted the Who to get them involved in the Campers revival. While the original VW Camper still has the connotation as a Hippie-mobile, the new Camper would be marketed to attract buyers both old and new.

Ofcourse it will be with its feet in the “old” that the VW Camper will find its marketing campaign. The Who have reportedly already agreed to allow VW to utilize their Magic Bus song for the marketing campaign. Pete Townsend, the guitarist for the Who, expressed his own affections for the Camper buy admitting that he himself has one rotting away in his garage. Chances are they will not be using that line in the marketing campaign, but you never know.

While the look of the VW Camper Bus will remain Modern-Retro the options available on the Camper will remain low. Prior concepts for the Campers revival fell victim to high costs and unfavorable forecasting. It was deemed the cost of production was too high and thus the price would be too high for the typical VW Camper buyer. By keeping costs low on the new model, and options at a minimum, they open themselves to a larger market segment. VW would also be opening themselves up to aftermarket products that owners could purchase to better individualize their retro-sleeper.

We will be looking for a new concept of the VW Camper to unveil in the coming year. If VW put one of their new diesel engines in their Camper concept with excellent fuel efficiency that might yet be another fantastic selling point. VW executives reportedly have professed that in order for the VW Camper to be built their prognosticators will need to project sales of 100,000 per year. That may be a tall order, but with the right combination of details and a reliable engine/transmission combo VW may find just what they are looking for. …As long as buyers can find that Magic Bus they are looking for too.


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13 Responses

  1. Brad says:

    Perfect, I’ll take one! For my Living-off-the-land Mobile! Ode to the Modern day Hippie! I can’t say much else until I see a real, non CGI pic. Great idea and I think they need to come out with it again, just don’t price it too high (Hippie’s ain’t got much), stick to the basics and give the best MPG possible… power isn’t a huge issue here, just enough to carry 17 people and a trailer on back… am I asking too much?

    On that note, would definitely be a good vehicle to introduce some hybrid technology into!

  2. AMReiter says:

    The VW retro-BUS /camper would be SO cool! The Idea of a retro bus is LONG over due. What are they waiting for! Please don’t mess up the retro look and make it look like Chryslers Town & Country or some traditional MINI van design, for gosh sakes. Why buy the VW if it looks like any other MINI-VAN. Ugh. Make it stylish like the retro bus from this web site, http://www.vwsites.com/news/microbus.php or similar to the one above. Oh, and maybe some sort of high fuel economy type engine. I don’t think VW is into hybrids, but anything to help fuel economy is a good thing for this type of vehicle, since many people buying it will be doing just that, driving and driving.

  3. Irene says:

    I am a proud owner of the 2006 VW Beetle TDI. Love it! Just returned from a tent camping trip to Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys. Saw a dozen VW Eurovans and Wesfalias. I’m in love, and I want a pop top VW van soooo bad. Just learned that 2003 was the last year of production. Bummer. Found this site/blog. Is there hope out there??? Please hurry up. The retro look is great!!!

  4. G says:

    Who (ha ha) in their right mind wouldn’t want a new VW Camper from VW! Unless you already had a Splitty of course…

  5. Will lynch says:

    Might not be the 1959 camper but it will make my day no not day year!!!!!!

  6. Tom says:

    I do not think selling 100 000 of these would at al be an problem! As long as it is not a gas hog and the price is reasonable. See a lot of these on the west coast of Canada. so i hope they would sell them here.

  7. rikgear says:

    why not build an exact replica of the splitty, might have to scale it up slightly to get side impact bars etc. into it. a modern water cooled diesel engine, there is space for a radiator underneath (i’ve seen one with a scooby engine with rover rad. at a show) sell them as a basic unfitted van and accessories would be extra / added when funds allow or custom made to suit peopls needs. I’m sure VW could do that for about £6-7,000 an make some easy money.

    i’m designing a fiberglass shell to go round a tubular frame at the moment an as long as I stear clear of unnescessary gadgets is more a matter of man hours and tools than money. A garage to build it in would be nice too :)

  8. Sandy says:

    Pack it full with green technology, super high mpg and the lowest price possible and I will not only buy it, I will do the sales job of the century to everyone I meet!

  9. It’s vital if they do make a new version that it is exactly the same overall dimensions in length, width, and height as the original T2 Camper, as that’s why so many were sold, as they were compact and would easily fit into a standard car space.

    For a time I owned the later model T25, but it was just a “bit wider”, but just enough to annoy me, so I soon went back to an original T2 :-)

  10. I like to see that they are bringing back the charm with the launch of this new model. It looks beautiful in the illustration and that’s half the battle afterall. The later models were just to corporate and all the bohemian sense of adventure was lost. Can’t wait to see this one and also to find out in which end the engine is going to go!

  11. Brandon says:

    Where do I get 1 of these?

  12. Brandon says:

    Where do I get 1 of these?

  13. Rich Shore says:

    Why change the design. Europeans already experience the VW “California” Eurovan camper. It is beautiful inside. Why doesn’t VW retrofit it for the US market. We own a 2001 Weekender Eurovan and would love to own the “California” camper version.