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VW Scirocco Spotted Testing in America

Posted in Concept Cars, Volkswagen by Corey | July 21st, 2007 | 1 Response |


A cloaked test model of the 2009 VW Scirocco was observed going through heat tests in America just recently. Hidden beneath the black drapes auto manufacturers use to disguise their upcoming designs the distinct grille and headlights of the Scirocco could still be made out.

VW SciroccoWhile hopes are high for some that Scirocco will find a place amongst the GTI and R32 in American dealerships it could be a tough sell for VW. Despite the growing appeal of smaller yet exciting hatchbacks and sedans to both customers and (now) car companies it seems unlikely that one company would attempt to squeeze so many models into such a compact market. Europe however will be seeing the Scirocco in show rooms as a 2009 model as Americans will be watching footage of those reviews on YouTube and the like.

What is most pleasing about the Scirocco and the resurgence of the small car are the chances the auto makers are making in the design of them. The Mini Cooper took a chance on revamping a model that enjoyed decades of success in Europe, so that was not as much of a stretch. But when you look at the Volvo C30, Audi A3, VW Scirocco and BMW 1-series hatchback you have to be a little pleased to see designers able to stretch their legs some on these smaller packages. It would be the equivalent of Hollywood using writers again instead of relying on Reality based programs to fill the networks void for creativity.

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  1. Mihdi says:

    Wondered what happened to the Scirroco. Hrm…NCSoft should make a COV edition of it. ;)