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VW Scirocco Arrives in Geneva: North America Deprived Again

Posted in Auto Show, Volkswagen by Corey | March 6th, 2008 | 1 Response |

vwscirocco-11.jpg picture by willfusion

After nearly a year of concept teasers and discussions of its place in auto history the new VW Scirocco has finally reached the stages of the Geneva Auto Show in production ready form. While it is not necessarily a departure from any of Volkswagens other small hatches the Scirocco carries in with it a heritage of being a swift, fun ride and thus has a lot to live up to.

The overriding philosophy behind the Scirocco is to bring thrilling sportscar production with a small car entry fee. The 2009 VW Scirocco will be released this year on the European market with a starting price of 21,750 Euros. However appealing the starting price is though the engine range being discussed in conjunction with the Scirocco seems to leave some (okay, us.) wanting.

Currently there are three gasoline variants reportedly available and one diesel for the VW Scirocco. Without conclusive details on the engine sizes their expected horsepower ranges are 120, 145, and 158, and the diesel engine splitting the difference at 140-hp. Those are not necessarily hairsplitting figures. There is other speculation online that resembles those found in the GTI and even talk of a special edition Scirocco with 230-hp, but at this point these all fall under the category of rumor and hyperbole.
Press Release and Picture Pages to follow

Other news coming from Geneva on the VW Scirocco is that the production model being built out of Portugal will not be coming to the US. The discussion about its stateside arrival has been going on as long as the concept Iroc has been hitting the show circuit. Reasons given for not making the oceanic voyage to America were that it would crowd in on the GTI and R32 market, or that the American car buyer did not want it. Now the official explanation given for the Scirocco’s not coming to America is economics. As the US dollar is trading weakly against the Euro the costs of importing and production would make bringing the Scirocco the the US cost inhibitive. And no auto maker wants to sell their cars at a loss.

At the same time, maybe there is no loss in not seeing the Scirocco stateside. It appears as though the design struggles that plagued the VW teams have left the Scirocco a bit stripped of its aggressiveness. The Iroc concept beamed from behind an imposing grill that gave the sporty hatchback the look of a hungry animal. The production grill of the VW Scirocco now appears as though the designers of Ford North America came in and dulled it out. It is now comparable to the US Focus’s bland front fascia.

You can make your own comparisons below as we have both the production Scirocco and the concept Iroc in photo galleries. The official yet vague press release from VW is also below for your perusing pleasure. Check it out and let us know what you think of the new Scirocco. Do you want it stateside or is VW doing us a favor by keeping it to themselves in Europe?

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2009 VW Scirocco


VW Iroc Concept


Press Release

Volkswagen in Geneva: international debut of the new Scirocco
Sporty and innovative – The Scirocco with adaptive chassis control and 7-speed DSG

Versatile and affordable – The legendary two-door makes its comeback
Wolfsburg / Geneva, 03 March 2008 – Volkswagen is putting on a spectacular parade of new models in Geneva with a host of international product debuts. Taking centre stage will be the highlight of the show, the new Scirocco – a completely re-engineered all-round sports car. Another vehicle being showcased at Lake Geneva is the Golf TDI Hybrid. This concept car runs on just 3.4 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres. The 150-PS Passat Estate TSI EcoFuel, also debuting in Geneva, represents a technology leap for automobiles run on natural gas. Other Volkswagen world premieres will be the extremely fuel-efficient Sharan BlueMotion (6.0 litres per 100 km) and the four-wheel-drive Golf Estate 4Motion. The Passat CC will also be on display for the first time ever in Europe.

It’s back: 34 years after the first Scirocco was unveiled to a waiting world at the Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen is presenting a new Scirocco for a new era at the same venue. Now as then, the coupé is inspired by the fascinating idea of creating a sports car for every day of the year at truly affordable prices. And that is the essence of the Scirocco: the successful marriage top technology and low running costs, dynamic performance and high comfort, a surprisingly spacious interior and an uncompromising sporty design.

As the Volkswagen Group’s Chairman of the Board of Management, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, commented: “What we have done with the Scirocco is to put the kind of sports car in our showrooms that people have dreamed of owning. A dream that a good deal of motorists – in spite of all the high-end engineering we have integrated – can actually afford.” The Scirocco will be launched Europe-wide in late summer with prices in Germany starting at 21,750 euros; other countries will follow over the course of the next year.

With its Golf TDI Hybrid, Volkswagen demonstrates the potential inherent in the combination of a high-tech diesel engine, an electric motor and 7-speed DSG technology. On show for the first time in the world at the Geneva Motor Show, the concept car consumes no more than 3.4 litres of diesel fuel per 100 kilometres. The powerful full-hybrid Golf TDI Hybrid can be run either in internal-combustion mode only or in mixed operation – the powerful yet thrifty combination of TDI and electric motor. The car is also designed to run on emissions-free electric power only. Power transmission to the front axle is managed by a 7-speed DSG gearbox. In city traffic, the automatic stop-start system will even switch off the turbo-diesel when the vehicle is stationary.

The Passat Estate TSI EcoFuel being premiered in Geneva marks the beginning of a new era for natural-gas-fuelled automobiles. Until now, passenger cars powered by eco-friendly, low-consumption natural gas have tended to be “mild mannered”. The Passat changes that once and for all with its 110-kW / 150-PS TSI engine. And yet the direct-injection turbo engine in the Passat, specifically designed to run on natural gas, consumes no more than 5.2 kilograms of gas per 100 kilometres. The Passat and the Passat Estate TSI EcoFuel are due to be launched on the market around year-end.

Volkswagen is continuing its BlueMotion campaign in 2008. The latest model in the series is the Sharan BlueMotion on display for the first time at the Geneva show. With an extremely low average fuel consumption of 6.0 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres, the Sharan BlueMotion uses 0.7 of a litre less than the “conventional” model. By the same token, CO2 emissions are reduced from 177 g/km to 159 g/km. These are first-rate values for a seven-seater van with up to 2,610 litres of cargo volume and a permissible gross vehicle weight of 2,510 kilograms. This Volkswagen is driven by a 103-kW / 140-PS TDI engine complete with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The BlueMotion option is available in combination with the Trendline and Comfortline equipment packages. Deliveries of the vehicle are scheduled to commence this summer.

As of now, Volkswagen is offering the Golf Estate in a version with permanent four-wheel drive. This automobile is designed to enable as much as 100 percent of the engine torque to be transmitted to the rear wheels should extreme circumstances require. This gives the Golf Estate TDI 4Motion the best possible grip even in the most adverse conditions. The 4Motion system is coupled with a fuel-efficient, high-torque TDI engine that delivers 77 KW / 105 PS. The Golf Estate TDI 4Motion accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 12.9 seconds, has a top speed of 185 km/h and consumes just 6.0 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres. An attractive advantage for drivers with towing requirements is that the Golf Estate TDI 4Motion is permitted to tow as much as 1,500 kilograms on gradients of up to twelve per cent – that’s 100 kilograms more than its front-wheel-drive counterpart.

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  1. Celeste Nameth says:

    Sorry to hear cost is a problem for the European styled Scirocco – I have been following this car for a year and hoping to get one in the states for next year – the US versions are so mundane. Just viewed one in Barcelona – great look outside and INside. Don´t worry about the GTI – it doesn´t quite have it – America needs a hot little number like the European Scirocco!!!