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VW may be bringing back the 285 mpg car

Posted in Design, Volkswagen by Corey | April 18th, 2007 | 2 Responses |

It was a few years going when VW presented the world with the concept car that would be able to get 285 miles to a single gallon of fuel, amazingly as it may seem! Back a few years when this car came out, everything appeared to be visionary, and as we all know the cars that appear as a concept very rarely appear as a regular car, this is normally down to the viability of the design and of course the cost.


Now it appears that the costs of building the car has come down to a reasonable figure which in turn means that building the car is now a real possibility, so will we all be driving around in cars that would only need a gallon of fuel of so for the whole week, possibly but by then the price of the fuel would probably be twenty times the cost that it is now days.

The concept car which has a one cylinder 299 cc diesel engine and weighs in at under 300 kilos, was tested when it was driven from the VW plant in Wolfsburg to a shareholders meeting in Hanover, it was during this journey that the fantastic figure of 285 mile to a gallon of fuel was actually achieved.


Of course should this car go into production it is very unlikely to look like the original car, for one thing there are many changes to the law regarding safety features etc, but there is a growing interest in cars and other vehicles that can run on little amounts fuel, alternative fuels or a combination of the two, so we can expect to be seeing a lot more concept cars being shown at car shows that can offer a high mpg and are made from recycled light weight materials.

Source [Channel Four News]

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2 Responses

  1. LarryH says:

    Cute kiddie car. But I doubt the CHP will permit anything that tiny on the road.