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VW Golf R Super-GTI Coming to the States

Posted in Fast Cars, Horsepower, New Cars, Newsworthy, Volkswagen by Corey | September 14th, 2009 | 1 Response |


For those of you wanting a hopped up Volkswagen Golf GTI variant, and finding the R32 lacking in a little … well, whatever je nais se quoi is in German … you’ll be happy to know that the “Golf R” is headed stateside with a engine compartment stuffed with 2.0L turbocharged goodness. “WAIT!” you cry, “the GTI already has that motor!” You’re a perceptive one, so here’s the distinction: you get an extra 65 HP and 4-Motion AWD, making the Golf R essentially a Audi A3 in a business-casual VW suit. You also get a host of interior and exterior upgrades, some unique body components, and a respectable 6.4 second run to 62 MPH. This is a reasonable consolation prize after another confirmation that we won’t get the Scirocco, which is the same as this Golf R under the skin. (But, we’d be loathe if we didn’t recognize that this STILL isn’t a proper WRX competitor, offering less performance for more money … such is the way with VWs, apparently.) Gallery after the jump.


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One Response

  1. dubblife says:

    who ever wrote this does not know what there talking about. #1 VWoA is still thinking about it. if you want it e-mail vw at volkstalk@vw.com. #2 your 0-60 times are wrong. its 5.7stick 5.5 dsg from vw but i have a audi tt-s and i can do a 0-60 in 4.5 sec. #3 the golf-R isn’t a wrx competitor! please you must be smoking you look like it. a apr flash and you have 320hp. you can build this car and it will take it. build a wrx up and you eat trannys up! i know my friend has one. you must be a jap lover. VDUB4LIFE!!!!!!