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Vorsteiner Releases Titanium Exhaust System For BMW E92 M3

Posted in BMW, Car Accessories, Car Photography, Car Tech, Cars, Custom by Suzanne Denbow | December 29th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Earlier this year, BMW announced they were scrapping plans to build the super performance BMW M3 E92 CSL, but before M3 fanboys had a chance to shed a single tear, California-based tuning house Vorsteiner stepped in to pick up the slack. Creating their interpretation of the CLS, Vorsteiner created performance packages outfitting both the M3 E92 Coupe and M3 E90 Sedan with a new body kit, replete with a carbon fiber front spoiler, rear diffuser, replacement boot lid (with built-in lip spoiler), and 3 integrated aero fins.

While Vorsteiner’s carbon fiber mods alone trim enough pounds from the M3 E92’s frame to do the 414-horsepower engine the proper arena in which to strut its stuff, Vorsteiner wasn’t done yet. Further slimming down the German purebred, Vorsteiner engineered their own cat back performance system, replacing the 56.3 lb OEM exhaust with a full titanium version weighing in at only 17.3 lbs. With such a dramatic weight reduction, Vorsteiner was able to increase the efficiency of the air flow transfer, reduce pressure supported at the rear, and boost overall horsepower a full 14 units. Befitting a vehicle amongst one of the most qualified to bear “The Ultimate Driving Machine” badge, Vorsteiner also promises that the new exhaust system delivers a throaty “F1-like” exhaust note, completely void of any interior drone.

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Product Data:
+ Full Titanium cat back performance system
+ Peak Horsepower Gains: 14hp
+ Peak Torque Gains: 13.23 lb/ft
+ Titanium 90mm tips with optional Blue Torched Finish
+ Extreme weight savings 17 lbs vs. 55 lbs (Factory Stainless Unit)
+ Factory bolt-on fitment with no modifications required
+ Sporty Formula 1 car tone with deeper tone & no interior drone
+ Distinctive Titanium sound characteristics
+ Vorsteiner Laser etched Logo on Tips with adjustable settings
+ Vorsteiner Limited production computer serial number stamping for authenticity

Dyno Test Information (Courtesy of Evosport Inc.):
Dynojet 248c
Fuel – CA91 (reformulated)
SAE correction
Same Day, Same Dyno.
Stock Exhaust then Vorsteiner Exhaust

Performance Data:
*Peak HP Gains: 14hp
*Peak Torque Gains: 13.23 lb/ft
*37 lbs Weight Savings

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