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Volvo XC60 R-Design: Looks Cool, No Power Mods. How Do You Say Bummer in Swedish?

Posted in 4x4, car modifications, Design, Foreign Cars, SUV, Volvo by Alex Kierstein | July 7th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

xc60r 3

Volvo has pulled the wraps of their XC60 R-Design … which, it should be noted, is NOT an XC60R. That might actually be cool. Instead, it’s an appearance package consisting mainly of a bodykit and some new 18″ rims. We have to admit, for an SUVlet, it doesn’t look half bad. The stock XC60 isn’t so terrible in its own right, having descended from the chassis underpinning the Euro Ford Focus, the Mazda3, and stablemates in the Volvo lineup. It also features the light-pressure turbocharged T6 engine making a healthy 285 HP and 295 ft-lbs of torque, although it delivers less than stellar fuel economy and acceleration. For everybody? No, but if you’re already enamored with the XC60, the R-Design version might appeal to you.

xc60r 1

In addition to the bodykit, you get some sport seats festooned with R-Design logos, leather upholstery unique to the model, and a unique center console design. Says Lennart Stegland, who is the president of the division that produces R-Design vehicles, “The R-Design model boosts the XC60’s already sporty aura and gives the car an even more refined character in terms of both driving experience and design.These are properties that we know appeal to the discerning buyers of this type of cars.”

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[Source: World Car Fans]

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