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Volvo Works To Relieve Allergy Symptoms, Cuts Down On Nickel

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2009 Volvo V50 Interior

Working to provide relief for nickel-allergy sufferers, Volvo has created a new set of rigorous tests aimed at reducing the amount of nickel-leakage in Volvo cars’ interiors. Acknowledging that nickel allergies affect an astounding 120 million people in the industrial world, Volvo has combined the use of stringent testing procedures with advanced nickel-plating technology to produce an interior air quality that will allow consumers affected by nickel-irritants to drive with ease. Referred to as the “Volvo Standard,” Volvo’s nickel policy involves minimizing nickel-leakage in all interior metallic surfaces by outfitting nickel-containing surfaces with nickel-free plating.

“At Volvo Cars, we have worked a long time with our suppliers to reduce allergens in the passenger cabin,” explained Andreas Andersson (pictured in gallery below), responsible for clean car interiors at Volvo Cars. “All textiles and leather are certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and four models with 9 different cabin interiors have interior air that is recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association.”

Source: Volvo Cars

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