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Volvo Plans Diesel Hybrids For U.S. By 2012

Posted in Diesel, Hybrid, Hybrid Technologies, Newsworthy, Volvo by Suzanne Denbow | October 7th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Volvo announced today that they plan to introduce a diesel hybrid vehicle in both the U.S. and European markets by 2012, if not sooner. Initial hybrid models will be diesel variants of Volvo’s larger line-up, like the XC-90 SUV and S80 full-size sedan. Capable of relying solely on battery power, the Volvo hybrid system will utilize a 5-cylinder turbo diesel to deliver power to the front wheels and a separate electric motor to power the rear. Despite the undesirable tendency for both diesel engines and electric motors to lack significant horsepower at high rpms, Volvo executive Less Kerseemakers says that Volvo’s current best-selling V8 engine just doing translate well into long-term success. “I don’t think there is a bright future for the V-8, especially for Volvo,” he said. “It’s the best engine we have. But if the environment is changing, you can be stubborn, or you can look for alternatives.”

[News Source: Auto News]

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