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Volvo is looking to shake-up their line-up and challenge BMW

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New S60 will take on 3-series with renewed vigourIt has been recently reported that Volvo will be looking to reshape their image again and go after the big boys on the block, BMW. There are plans in the works now to alter their line-up of cars so that they match-up closely to the BMW line-up. Ofcourse those plans could all be alter if BMW turns out to be one of the interested parties in courting Volvo away from Ford.
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The goal is to align the Volvo S60 with the BWM 3-series and the Audi A4. To make the move into their weight class the S60 will be looking to borrow some from the chassis of the S80 and Ford Moreno to give it a longer and wider stance. Also, as evidenced in the rendering above, the S60 will be the recipient of some of the design cues found on the XC60 concept car. They will also need to address the ride and road handling of the Volvo if they truly expect to challenge BMW and Audi. The interior quality of Volvo is close to that of the two competitors now, but will receive some more attention aswell.

While the S60 will be getting reworked the S40 is in jeapordy. Fearing too much of an overlap in their lineup of 4-door sedans it is mentioned that the S40 will be morphed into a possble V30. The S40 and C30 share a lot of the same design and engine cues as it is and to turn the S40 into a 5-door hatchback to pair up with the C30 would not be a stretch. This would also provide Volvo with better competition against the BMW 1-Series and Audi A3.

Look for Volvo’s model line-up changes to take place between 2009 and 2010. The other item on the list of alterations will be the Volvo logo across the grill of the cars. It is possible that the traditional Volvo with the bar across the grill will be removed and the Volvo name with the symbol for iron surrounding it will be the new grill icon. You can see an example of the change on the rendering above.

Volvo has done good work in altering some of their image and reputation of old as “Boxy but Safe.” The changes that they have in mind for the future will look to truly remove them out of their box completely and into a new realm while retaining their reputation for safety and environmental awareness. Change can be a good thing, or so I have heard.

What is your impression of Volvo? Still too much like driving your grandmothers car or are they truly broadening their appeal?

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