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Volvo Crash Avoidance Test Plagued By Unintended Non-Deceleration

Posted in Crash Testing, Funny Videos, General, Safety, Volvo by Kurt Ernst | May 8th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

I don’t speak Swedish, even when I’m lit up like a Christmas tree, so I can’t help in translating this footage. Here’s what we do know: it was supposed to be a demonstration of Volvo’s passive accident avoidance system, which both maintains a safe distance to the car in front and applies the brakes automatically when a pending crash is detected. Except, it would appear, when you have a gallery full of media types photographing and filming the event for posterity.

I’m not sure what Volvo’s Hans Nyth was saying, but I’d be willing to bet the phrases “accelerator entrapment with the floormat” and “CTS sourced accelerator pedal assemblies” were in there somewhere. Volvo’s official position was that a battery malfunction caused the crash avoidance system to be inoperable, and I’m sure later testing proved uneventful. In any case, the Volvo S60 fares pretty well when driven into the back of a truck at 22 miles per hour.

Source: Volvo Safety Demo Goes Wrong

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