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Volvo C30 is going Made to Order, but will Having It Your Way save you money?

Posted in Volvo by will bee | July 30th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

 Volvo C30 (Front)

Volvo is rolling out their new C30 now and it seems that they are trying some new marketing strategies to attract new buyers. The Scion line-up gathered much attention when they made buyer customization a large part of the purchasing process. The new buyer is able to specialize their own car to their satisfaction. Some high-end cars have also made customization part of their ordering process to. So now Volvo, who hopes to bring in younger, hip buyers with their C30 hatchback, has put out their menu of side dishes so that you the buyer have yet more choices to make.

Volvo C30There does seem to be an inherent downside to the Made to Order Volvo in that you really have to add on some features that are customarily included in the prepackaged cars for the rest of the Volvo line-up. Giving me a base model hatchback and telling me that cruise-control and front cupholders are things that I must add on might not be as frustrating if the hatchback was not already starting at $25,000. By the time I am done customizing there is a chance that an S40 model may already be on the car lot with the same add-ons and at a similar price. Oh, and I think I failed to mention that there is a $300 fee to order your personalized C30. So that is a mandatory for an obligated process inorder to buy the car?

The design and promise of the C30 has built up much anticipation for many of us out here. However, much like fast food, if I were to order a hamburger and then get charged per condiment there is a good chance I will just find another hamburger joint. At this point the Shop-aholic in me has already built a C30 on the Volvo website, and my appetite is growing. But once all the extras have been ordered for my desired hatchback there is a good chance  my stomach will be turned against it when I get the bill.


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