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Blown Volvo 740 = One Bad Ass Box

Posted in Best of, Burnouts, European Rides, General, Hoonage, News, Rides, Videos, Volvo by MrAngry | September 24th, 2011 | 8 Responses |

Blown Volvo 740
*Image Credit: Bilsport.se

Remember when Volvo’s were safe, boxy cars that teachers and vegetarians drove? They were nice enough I suppose, but always lacked that bit of “flair” needed to take them to the next level. Over the years the company has tried to shed their “They’re boxy, but they’re good” image, but truth be told, they still haven’t gotten it quite right. Some folks, like Gunnar Larsson however, have looked past the initial dullness and have instead interjected some much needed personality into these Swedish boredom boats. Gunner’s ride started out as a mundane 1987 Volvo 740 Sedan, however after mulling it over a bit he decided to add some much needed power by way of a small block Chevy clad with a 6/71-blower. It’s not politically correct and is about as environmentally friendly as an atom bomb, but once you see this sucker go I think you’ll agree that Mr. Larsson has created one bad ass box.

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8 Responses

  1. djrosa says:

    pretty cool to put a blower v8 in a volvo but a powerfull 740 isnt that special here in sweden i know 4 500+bhp 740’s just in my town. you have to remember the 740 and saab 900 is what most young car guys drive in sweden. and tuning a 740 is where most swedish tuners have started. still that was quite a unique car.

  2. Ace says:

    Oh hell yes. I want one. How much hps, anyone hazard a guess?

    • Set says:

      Here’s my guess: If you’re the owner, not enough. If you’re driving it, too much. If you’re watching the video, just enough.

  3. NoNo VoVo says:

    One question, Why?

  4. JalapenoPaul713 says:

    It would have been way better if it was a station wagon