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Volkswagen To Offer Pickup In 2010

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Possible Volkswagen Pickup Styling

Possible Volkswagen Pickup Styling

Further solidifying their hold as Europe’s largest automaker, Volkswagen is expanding their lineup to include a mid-size pickup in 2010.  If pre-production photos are any indication the new vehicle will adopt a  Ridgeline-like profile.  The pickup will be named the “Amarok,” and therefore also continue VW’s recent use of hard-to-pronounce, nonsensical model names.

The name is a derivative of the word “wolf” in the Inuit language, but may as well mean, “unsuccessful, Frankenstein truck” to those in the United States.  Nevertheless, the truck will be built in VW’s manufacturing plant in Pacheco Argentina and will initially go on sale in South America and Europe, followed by Australia and Africa, before a possible importation to North America.  Subsequent lackluster sales and discontinuation here in the states are sure to follow.

VW Robust Concept

VW Robust Concept

Despite skepticism as to it’s success in America, it will be another major step in VW’s market share consolidation in contrast to GM’s decline on the world stage.  Both the single and double cab versions will utilize a variant of VW’s highly acclaimed common rail turbo diesel injection (TDI) and purportedly produce the best fuel economy and emissions in its class.

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  1. I just think that all double cabs do look the same but its about time that VW brought out their own one and if its priced right could give the others a run for their money. :)