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Volkswagen Plans U.S. Launch For Compact Polo

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Looking to cash in on the ever-expanding compact car segment in the U.S., Volkswagen has announced the possibility of a North American launch for the VW Polo. Although VW cautions that plans to launch the VW stateside are by no means set in stone, Volkswagen Group of America CEO Stefan Jacoby is has high hopes for the Polo’s North American success. Smaller than the Honda FiT yet still (mercifully) larger than the comparable Toyota Yaris, Jacoby believes the Polo would be the perfect addition to VW’s North American lineup, likely helping them achieve their future annual sales goal of 800,000 vehicles.

Already a success in the European market, the next generation VW Polo will debut in March at the Geneva motor show. Keeping a careful eye on consumer response, VW has hinted that if the U.S. market reacts favorably towards the next-gen Polo, a North American release might not be far behind.

Source: Auto News

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