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Volkswagen introduces Tiguan, the compact diesel SUV

Posted in Volkswagen by Corey | December 19th, 2006 | 1 Response |

Volkswagen Tiguan, the compact SUV in diesel version was unveiled last week in LA auto show and took everyone by surprise. Even their competitors have pulled out a compact SUV diesel version out of race due to emission reasons, but Tiguan stands out and announces its arrival loud and clear, raring to go with excellent features.

It has advanced Blue Tec technology in some emission components, complies strictly with emission standards. It has High pressure fuel-injection system and doesn’t use the urea injection. Instead uses Nox storage catalytic converter to reduce emission.

It also helps to gain 30 percent economy over gasoline engine. Tiguan well built 173.2 inches long, 72.8 inches wide 66.5 inches resembles Touran compact minivan, but gives better space than a mini van. It has panoramic sunroof and immaculate interior makes it a best compact SUV.

This economical, sturdy and environmental friendly SUV will hit the market next year end in all states of US. Sure its going to rock, join the party.

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One Response

  1. Keith Bates says:

    When with this Suv be available in Canada?