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Volkswagen gives its own R32 some Competition; the R36

Posted in Cars, Volkswagen by Corey | June 4th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

As VW sends its 5,000 2008 R32’s across the pond to the United States, Volkswagen has decided to one-up themselves by producing a faster R36. The R32 is essentially a GTI/Rabbit built on an All-Wheel drive platform with a reported 250-hp. This is the first return of the R32 with the redesigned GTI. The last model was released in 2004 and has appreciated nicely in the used auotmobile market. A low-mileage 2004 R32 can still fetch as much as $24-to-26,000. While the new VW R32 in will start around $32,500.

VW R32 to come to the U.S. market

Then comes the 2008 R36, which is similar to the R32 but with a stronger engine and upgraded brakes and suspension. Where the R32 is criticized by some for being too civil, the R36 is engineered to thrust thru that civility while still giving the appearance of being just another GTI (yet anything but).


However, before you get too excited. Chances are the R36 will not find its way across the Atlantic and into the USA for at least a year. With the rate at which the R32 is selling on the US market without any national marketing, an R36 may yet find its way on our freeways.

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