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Volkswagen E-Up To Pack On A Few Pounds For U.S. Market

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Debuting for the first time last week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the VW E-Up! Concept has already landed its first paying gig – in America. Although the launch date is cryptically scheduled for sometime within the next decade, VW is adamant that the E-Up! is definitely coming to North America, though perhaps not in a shape we’d immediately recognize.

A production version of the E-Up! is set to hit the European market in 2013, and judging by the current popularity of extremely fruity cars, will likely share the same dimensions as the concept. Fortunately, VW recognizes that the aesthetic preferences of the volks ‘cross the pond aren’t nearly as questionable and the U.S.-spec E-Up! is expected to be at least 2 feet longer than the European model.

Source: AutoNews

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