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Virgin Galactic Spaceship gets closer to the stars.

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Virgin Galactic

You’ve got to hand it to British billionaire Richard Branson as he’s probably the only guy that can honestly say that he’s been there and done that. So, what’s the man whose done everything do next? Well, he constructs the worlds first privatized spaceship for hire. This past Thursday Branson’s suborbital craft made its first flight with a full crew on board while testing over the Mojave Desert in California. Suspended beneath the White Knight Two VMS Eve mother ship, the VSS Enterprise (named after the spacecraft in the TV series StarTrek) held two on-board crew members during the 6-hour, 12-minute flight.

Virgin Galactic

When all is said and done the Eve mother ship is supposed to carry the VSS Enterprise to an altitude of over 50,000 feet. Once achieved the orbiter is released, fires its hybrid rocket engine and continues on into sub-orbital space. Built to carry eight people in total (two pilots and six passengers), its first occupants are said to be non-other than William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and singer Robbie Williams. The cost of this adventure will run about $200,000 per person.

Source: BornRich.org

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