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Virgin Galactic Prepares to Blast Off

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Virgin Galactic Spaceport

Well, it’s official. Virgin Galactic has opened the worlds first spaceport in New Mexico. The $200m state funded project was agreed upon back in 2005 and covers a 27 sq. mile parcel of land known as “The Land of Enchantment”. This is pretty big news when you get right down to it, because billionaire businessman Richard Branson is now the first man to actually privatize space travel. Tickets are selling for a mere $200,000 a seat, and while that won’t get you to the moon, that will get you about 60 miles straight up where you’ll be able to float around weightless for a few minutes. Now while $200,000 may seem like a bunch of moola’ for most people, rest assured that there are plenty of people that will see this as a bargain and take full advantage of being one of the first private citizens in space.

The above video is nothing more than a dedication ceremony and comes off a little fruity in my opinion, but regardless, the idea of being able to buy a ticket and shoot for the stars is simply amazing.

Virgin Galactic Spaceport

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