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VIP at Ferrari

Posted in Ferrari, General by davidallen | May 3rd, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Imagine being able to travel to the Ferrari base in Maranello, Italy, walking up to gates and being waved through, check out the cars and drive off in one, no questions asked! Sounds to good to be true? Well you may be pleasantly surprised.

ferrari passport

It has come to light that there is such a thing as a Ferrari Passport, yes that is what it is called and means the what it is says. Yet unlike your average passport that has its own value, depending on where it is issued, like the US passport, the must be one of the most desirable in the world for an ordinary person, but should you be a super rich high flyer then Switzerland may be your choice of domicile. But regardless of wealth or fame the Ferrari passport is not given out to just anyone, in fact you really have to be somebody quite special to be even considered for one.

ferrari passport

What are benefits of having one? This is obvious, the passport gives the holder complete and total access to anywhere within the Ferrari complex which includes all the restricted places too, imagine being able to walk around there, but even more so you could go up to the car park where the new cars are waiting to be delivered and ask to borrow one, with no questions asked you will be given the keys and off you go.

My application has just gone off to the Ferrari Embassy, so hopefully I will be a citizen of Ferrari very soon, what do you think?

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