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VIDEOS: 60 Minutes Profiles The Race For A Viable Electric Car

This piece done by 60 Minutes is a fairly good profile of the so-called race to build a commercially viable electric car between Detroit and Silicon Valley. It comes off a little out of touch, but the target audience is primarily my grandmother, so it works.

They make a good point that I think they might not realize they’re making: Detroit is a gigantic bureaucracy, they’re huge and it’s tough to turn a beast like that in different direction once it gets going. The smaller Silicon Valley start-up companies, on the other hand, can adapt and fit a niche market much more quickly. If you follow that reasoning out, you start to think… maybe the government shouldn’t be bailing out the Detroit Three, maybe we should just let the market decide without giving some companies an unfair advantage. Maybe by letting things run their course, a new, better company can come to power.

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