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Video: The Vantage GT2 Fills-Out the Aston Martin Le Mans GT Family

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vantagegt-2.jpg picture by willfusion

Aston Martin is a symbol of British sport-luxury automotive prowess as both their street cars and racing designs are evidence. However, that was not always quite the case. Aston Martin Chairman David Richards summed it up best when he said, “Just three years ago we didn’t have a single Aston Martin racing car, so if you look at how far we have come in that short space of time it’s quite incredible.”
Filling in the roll of the GT2 Le Mans car is the recently tested Aston Martin Vantage GT2 that is pictured above and shown in greater detail in the photo gallery and video below. The web is gushing over what has become available on the Vantage GT2, and we are gushing too. Based off their street version of the Vantage the Aston Martin GT2 gives the impression of a sleek catfish across the grill with horsepower fangs and well focused eyes that appear to hone-in on the competition. 
Adding to the specialty of the racer and joining its sibling, the DBRS GT3 racer by Aston Martin, the Vantage GT2 is capable of running on regular unleaded fuel as well as E85 ethanol blends; which is permitted in the American Le Mans Racing Series. Filling out the remainder of the Le Mans GT stages are the DBR9 for GT1 and the Vantage N24 for GT4.

Check out the photos and video after the leap for a further glimpse of what the Aston Martin Vantage GT2 promises to bring to Le Mans racing. All I can tell you from what I see in the Vantage GT2 is that I wish I was a race car driver. 


Source[AstonMartinRacing via AutoBlog]

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