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VIDEO: The Real Way Bullitt Was Made

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There is simply no way to properly introduce Bullitt.

For those who have seen it, you already understand why it’s so good: the gritty depiction of San Fransisco’s underbelly, the mystery, the drama, and quite possibly the greatest car chase scene of all time between a ’68 fastback Mustang and a menacing black Charger. For the rest of you, you indeed have my sympathies.

Following the jump, there is a brilliant, albeit short, 10 minute video giving you a behind the scenes look at how Bullitt was brought to life in Steve McQueen’s image. The thing to remember about this movie is the fact that it was made in the pursuit of portraying reality–the dark, dirty, uncanny truth within the story. The chase scenes were real, having predated CGI and special effects technology. The locations were real, such as the architect studio where McQueen’s on screen girlfriend worked, and even some of the “actors” weren’t actors at all–such as the hospital scene, portrayed by real surgeons and nurses.

If you’ve already seen the movie, you’ll probably get more out of the video than those who haven’t. But who knows, this just might whet your palette enough to get you off your ass and into Blockbuster.

There’s also the epic car chase scene included for your enjoyment and drooling purposes.

Making of Bullitt

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