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Video: Take a Lap on the track in the BMW 135i… purrr

Posted in BMW, Videos by will bee | October 27th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

A couple of Double-O Agents from AutoSpies had the joy of taking a new BMW 135i for a spin on the track. Moving past the envy of having that privilege and focusing more on the car itself there is one thing that seemed most pleasing and striking: the exhaust note. While the giant windmills are an attractive Green distraction the exhaust note of the BMW 135i grabs you from the start. The initial rev of the engine is an simple indication to the driver that the horses beneath the bonnet of this coupe are ready to run.

Watch the video and enjoy.

Now I are not going to make fun of someone skipping gears on the track in a car they have never tested before, but it does make me curious about the gate of the shifter. If you are switching from a slightly older Porsche or Mustang or Truck for example (not that those might be common switches to a BMW) with a larger gate to the shift it is easy to see how someone could inadvertantly skip over a gear or two.

Overall and after each little tidbit that becomes available the BMW 135i looks more and more inticing.


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