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Video Shows Supercharged Fesler-Moss Camaro Doing Its $90,000 Thing!


We’ve already brought you the low-down on the hotrodded Camaro coming our way from high-end tuning firm Fesler-Moss. $50K buys you a nice show car with some suspension work and 22” wheels. But $90K buys you a supercharger and a license to kill tires at an appalling rate, and its carnage like this that awaits you on the video after the jump.

If you want videos of some high dollar Camaro besting a Porsche around the Nurburgring, you’re in the wrong place. Better trade in your Bowtie for a maxipad! This is America, dammit! We don’t do autocross.

The music is a bit over the top (even for us) considering there’s nothing high dollar about any Camaro doing a burnout. If Fesler-Moss wants to sell us on their product, they better show us something a bit more unusual than a pony trick any RWD car with more than 150HP can pull off.

For those of you with IROC-Z posters on your wall, I doubt you even bothered to read this (or even could ;P).

Video after the jump

2010 Fesler Moss Camaro Take II from chris fesler on Vimeo.

SOURCE: Fesler via Autoblog

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