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[VIDEO] Robbie Madison Kick-Starts ’09 With Vegas Motorcycle Jump

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Robbie Madison rang in 2009 with a record-breaking motorcycle jump in his Yamaha over the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas. Sailing a total of 96 feet off the ground (roughly equivalent to the height of a 10-story apartment building) and an incredible 332 feet through the air, Madison crushed fellow stunt biker Tiger Grumm’s previously held record of 207 feet.

After successfully completing the jump, Madison spiralled into a (planned) free-fall to the landing ramp below, sustaining considerable injuries to his hand as he did so. His left hand covered in blood, a triumphant Madison spoke with reporters after the stunt, exclaiming, “It’s definitely a milestone in my life to overcome the fear I had.” Adding later, “The hand kills. I think I broke it.”

Madison first rose to widespread fame last year after completeing a similiar New Year’s Eve celebratory stunt, jumping 98 metres (the length of a gridiron football field) at an ESPN-hosted bash at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas. Paying homage to his lifelong idol, Madison dedicated last year’s jump to Evil Knievel, who had passed away earler in 2007.

Source: TV Pop Crunch

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