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Video Proof: You Can Roll A Miata

Posted in Crashes, Racing, Videos by Kurt Ernst | August 20th, 2011 | 1 Response |

This crash, in a Miata spec series race at Britain’s Snetterton Circuit, is about the worst I’ve ever seen involving a Miata on a racetrack. Thanks to a low center of gravity and above-average handling, Miata’s are pretty damn resistant to rolling over under most normal circumstances. The video below shows what happens under “other than normal” circumstances: when a competitor washed the back end of his car in front of driver Mark Leach, Leach had nowhere to go. The resulting impact put Leach’s car on two wheels, and then it was all over. The good news is that Leach is recovering from his injuries, which included a bruised lung, some whiplash and a badly broken right arm. The bad news is that his newly-completed spec Miata is going to need a boatload of work before it’s on the track again.

Though it’s hard to tell from the video, I don’t see arm restraints or a HANS device on Leach, which is odd because most racing series’ in the U.S. now require them. We wish Leach a speedy recovery, and hope he returns to competition as soon as his doctors give him a thumbs up.

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One Response

  1. Roberts says:

    The Miata is light in weight and it’s not impossible to be rolled out. But in this vid, I laughed when the Miata rolled like a ball. It’s my first time to see a Miata rolled.