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Video Proof That Pickups Lower Your IQ

Posted in FAIL, Funny Videos by Kurt Ernst | January 15th, 2011 | 5 Responses |

Videos Prove That Trucks Lower Your IQ

No matter what part of the U.S. you live in, one thing is certain: full size pickup trucks are everywhere, and domestic automakers continue to sell more pickups than any other vehicles. I’m not a truck guy, so I fail to see the appeal; I guess buyers see them as big, safe and practical, even if they are utterly soul-less to drive. I’ve got a pair of videos that seem to prove one thing: being in a truck, even if you’re not behind the wheel, clearly lowers you I.Q. More below.

I won’t ruin the videos, but here’s a friendly reminders: when jumping from the bed of a moving pickup in the desert, check your surroundings first. Also, when you’re using a pickup to tow your buddy over a jump on an office-chair mounted to a skateboard, look where you’re going and beware of anyone who still wears a denim leisure suit in 2011.

Idiot Jumps Off Truck Into Cactus – Watch more Funny Videos

Sled Towing Stunt Ends In Rear-End Collision – Watch more Funny Videos

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5 Responses

  1. BigRuss says:

    have owned more trucks than cars i will say that its the most USEFUL vehicle if you use it right. those guys dumbasses and need to be naturally selected to die… but the best part of having a truck is that if my bike breaks down on me out on a ride, the wife can bring the truck, i load it up saving me the money of a tow truck ride of shame… not to mention that i can load up 2 trees in the back of it for my fireplace…. kurt you man not see the proper uses of trucks where your at, and most guys that buy a truck dont ever use it but to move a buddies couch…

    • a says:

      ya I rent either U-haul or ConnectByHertz Ford Ranger when I move, and I see so many empty trucks on the street while I’m moving.

    • Kurt Ernst says:

      Russ, don’t get me wrong: I see the practical side of owning a truck, but they don’t provide much entertainment behind the wheel. I used to drive a 4wd Ford Ranger, and I know all about loading a crashed bike in the bed…

      • BigRuss says:

        4wd rangers can be entertaining if you do the right mods…. i had a lil junkyard dog turbo build up in a 1990 ranger… she was uglier than sin but ran like a bat out of hell…

  2. Blogone says:

    Pickups do not lower IQ.
    People with lower IQs naturally gravitate towards pickups because the size of the vehicle compensates for certain, ahem, anatomical deficiencies.

    The rule is; the bigger the pickup, the bigger the jackass.