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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Watch The 500HP Ethanol-Powered V12 Lazareth Wazuma Quad In Action

Posted in Alt Fuels, Biofuel, Horsepower, Motorcycle, Videos by Chris | August 10th, 2009 | 1 Response |


Using a supercharged BMW V12, the Lazareth quad makes a ferocious 500bhp on E-85 Ethanol. But even though it’s defined as a quad (having four wheels and all) it is shaped more like a trike, which is good news. It’s diminutive rear end keeps the preposterous amount of torque from flipping the vehicle, while the wide front track keeps all four wheels planted as you counter-steer around every corner.

Aesthetically the Lazareth is unquestionably menacing, with the twelve exposed headers purging environmentally friendly exhaust fumes from the pulsating engine. But before you assume the use of Ethanol was an environmentalist statement, think again. It’s more likely that Ethanol was used for its superior octane performance, since E-85 has an octane level between 100-105, compared to typical gasoline octane ratings of 85-93.

However, make no mistake, all this coolness will cost you a cool $283,000–meaning it’s more likely you’ll see it in the next Batman movie than in your garage.

For a gallery of the Lazareth, along with a video of the beast in action, follow the jump.

SOURCE: HellForLeatherMagazine

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