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VIDEO OF THE DAY: 806HP Koenigsegg CCR Evolution At The Drag Strip

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Apparently, the folks over at CarScoop have some Swedish pals at SportBilen who were happy to translate the write up of their jaunt over to Mantorp Park this past weekend to attend the 2009 Action Meet racing event with the only Swedish registered Koenigsegg CCR Evolution in tow. Wondering why the Evolution is tacked on the end there? According to the Swedes, it’s because this CCR has been upgraded with the newer CCX’s 4.7L supercharged V8 engine that puts out an amazing 806 HP at 7,000 rpm AND 693 ft/lb at 5500 rpm.

On the first quarter mile pull, the CCR set a time of 12.02 seconds at 132.9 mph. But on the second attempt, they bettered their time by almost six tenths for a 11.43 second run. Unfortunately, a technical problem prevented a top speed reading.

Check the video, and some photos of the CCR in action, after the jump.

SOURCE: SportBilen via CarScoop

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