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VIDEO: Murder Suspect Flees Police In Semi On Capital Beltway

Posted in Legal, Newsworthy, Videos by Suzanne Denbow | December 12th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Part I [Part II of video below]

On Tuesday, wanted murder suspect Vernon Edward Jones attempted to flee police behind the wheel of a large, blinding white Western Express tractor trailer. According to police, the chase began at weigh station near Germantown, Maryland after authorities identified him as a murder suspect wanted in nearby Baltimore. Apparently none to the thrilled with the idea of submitting to police custody, Vernon proceeded to sped away from the weigh station in a vain attempt at evading officers. Escape routes limited by the massive size of his getaway vehicle, Jones led police down several major expressways, including both Interstate 270 and the Capital Beltway, before crossing over the American Legion Bridge and exiting on Route 120. Turning the chase into a multi-territorial affair, Jones’ flight for freedom ultimately attracted the attention of the Virginia State Police, Maryland State Police, Fairfax Police, and Montgomery County Police. Although officers attempted to apprehend Jones’ via the use of several PITT maneuvers, it wasn’t until Jones’ lost control of the truck and ran headlong into a light pole that officers were able to apprehend him.

Part II of video after the jump

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