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Video: Looking for more on the SSC Ultimate Aero TT?

Posted in Videos by will bee | November 7th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Whether you like it, love it or hate it the Shelby Super Cars (SSC) Ultimate Aero TT is a hot topic for all. Some dispute the run alltogether despite Guinness’ involvement. Some attack the Aero TT on esthetic grounds preferring the soft, rounding design of the Bugatti Veyron. While some are simply impressed of the effort put forth by a small, independent company and its vision of producing the worlds fastest production car.

Here is what the boys at Top Gear had to say about the SCC Ultimate Aero TT:

But for some there has been enough talk already. Everyone wants some proof of what the Ultimate Aero TT can do with its 6.4 Liter V8 that is pumping out over 1000-hp. Maybe this video from the actual record setting run will provide the proof seekers with just a smidge of what they are looking for:

The next stop for the Ultimate Aero TT will be a second run on a smooth test track. Maybe it would be wise of them to invite some media and maybe Top Gear guys to come lay witness. Until the next run takes place there will probably still remain doubt for some. Others maybe have grown to trust the Guinness group and their World Record work. As a car guy I harbor no prejudice toward any of the fastest car entrants and just want to see some cars go really fast (very safely… haha).

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