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Video: Is the new Fiat 500 ready to take on the Mini in Europe?

Posted in Design, Fiat by will bee | October 5th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Like the Mini Cooper the Fiat 500 is a reworking of an old classic that stays very true to the heritage from which it comes. A side-by-side comparison to the old Fiat that battled the Mini years ago on the market shows two Fiat’s with very similar lines. However, did Fiat achieve the same kind of modernization in their Fiat 500 that BMW achieved when they revitalized the Mini Cooper brand not too long ago?

For those of us in the states we will just have to go to the video evidence to find out. Take a look at these:

First up is the boys from Fifth Gear who take the Fiat 500 out for city tour.

Next up is some footage of the Fiat 500 on the Nurburgring in Germany before the cars release. Seems a bit comical to see this small box of a car leaning into the corners of the track, but the Fiat appears to handle them quite admirably for what it is.

Last up… we just have to go a bit retro and show some of the marketing for the old Fiat 500 to get a good idea of where the soul of the new car is derived from. Plus it is just too darn amusing to look back a bit.

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