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VIDEO: Granholm & Romney Debate Auto Bailout On Meet The Press

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On Sunday, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm made an appearance on Meet The Press where she essentially discussed how it was the Republicans’ failure to care about the American way of life that ultimately caused the auto bailout bail to be rejected by the Senate. Apparently assuming that an appearance on Meet The Press would be the perfect soundboard for demonizing those evil, wealthy Republicans, Granholm took the opportunity to wax poetic on the government’s responsibility to protect the American public. “What do we elect these people in Congress for if not to protect our citizens?” Continued Granholm (cue trumpet solo and super-imposed image of American flag waiving), “And all they have been doing, the Republicans in the Senate have been protecting the forgein companies that are in their borders. They’re not acting as Americans.”

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When asked to expound upon her condemnation of the Republican failure to act, Granholm went on to explain that saving Detroit is simply the patriotic thing to do. Unfortunately, although Granholm used empty arguments and absolutely no factual evidence (ie: hard statistics, numbers, etc.) to validate her assertions, the representative for the Republican half of the argument, Mitt Romney, seemed just as ill-prepared. Summarily, the entire debate was not completely dissimilar to watching a re-run of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s reality show, The Simple Life, wherein the two ladies would attempt to perform jobs that they were woefully ill-equipped for. While both Granholm and Romney are undoubtedly experts on the subject of politics, they (as well as the overwhelming majority of Washington) appear to know precisely jackshit about the American auto industry.

If NBC wouldn’t invite Terry Tate to share his opinions on the 67th Annual North American Figure Skating Championships, then why does the media at large invite individuals to discuss the importance of the automobile industry when those same individuals probably couldn’t tell you the SAE net horsepower of the car that drove them to the studio?

Source: Detroit Free Press
Image Cred: AP Photo By Alex Wong

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