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Video: Giant, Bouncing Tatras!

Posted in 4x4, Bizarre, Cool Stuff, Off-Roading, Racing, Rally, Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 9th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Let’s face it: if you’re a guy, you could look at giant, bouncing Tatras all day long. In fact, it’s really hard not to stare, and to call them “distracting” is a vast understatement. After all, who wants to get work done when you could be watching ten minutes of jiggling Tatra action on You Tube?

Tatra, in case you don’t know the brand, is a Czech manufacturer of heavy duty trucks and military vehicles. A subset of the population, namely those with a strong death wish, finds racing these giant, lumbering beasts in the farthest corners of the globe to be good fun. Perhaps the only people crazier than the drivers are the fans, who crowd the course to get a better look at something the size of a Miami Beach condo, coming towards them at speeds normally associated with aircraft.

The video below gives you highlights of the Loprais Tatra Team’s exploits over the past five years. I guarantee you’ll see more Tatras that you ever though possible, and I guarantee you’ll want to watch the video over and over again. Go ahead and stare: we won’t think any less of you.

Source: You Tube

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