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VIDEO: Foreign Cars Vandalized In Michigan Parking Lot

Posted in auto industry, Cars, Detroit, Ford, Foreign Cars, Newsworthy, Politics, Toyota, Videos by Suzanne Denbow | December 17th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

In Woodhaven, Michigan (you knew this didn’t happen in Detroit because the title didn’t include “…Ends In Shooting”) local authorities have confirmed that four automobiles wearing the badge of foreign automakers were vandalized while left unattended in a parking lot. Of the four vehicles, three were defaced while sitting in a strip mall parking lot adjacent to the Ford stamping plant. Although authorities have made it clear that they have no reason to suspect any employee of the plant as responsible, the initial evidence seems to suggest otherwise.

Footage recovered from a surveillance camera in the parking lot has revealed at least one of the destructive acts was performed by a man who pulled into the lot behind the wheel of a red Ford Escape. Exiting his vehicle with a determination strongly suggesting the act was premeditated, the driver of the Escape heads directly to a red import sedan parked a few stalls over and proceeds to slash the tires. Although the poor quality of the video makes it nearly impossible to discern the make and model of the victimized vehicle, process of elimination points to Kim Lebecki, owner of a red 2009 Toyota Camry that was one of the four vehicles to be tampered with. Lamented Lebecki, “I work very hard to make the payment to drive the car of my choice in the United States and someone else has the audacity to destroy these vehicles…It saddens me to think, ‘Is this a UAW member who did this?'”

Source: LiveLeak

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